“Katie-Britt is THE BEST!  She brings years of personal experience in pageantry to take your child to the next level.  Katie-Britt not only has the expertise to prepare your daughter for competition, but even more importantly, she is an excellent role model.  A pageant coach is so much more than someone who teaches the do’s and don’ts  of pageantry.  If you are looking for someone to mentor your daughter and teach her life long lessons, then Katie-Britt is your girl.  Eventually, all of Katie-Britt’s girls will have crowns on their heads, but they also have the knowledge that it is not always the crown that is important.  That is what makes Katie-Britt special.  You will adore her!”

Jeanna Raney Beasley
Miss South Carolina 2001
Owner of Jeanna Beasley Photography

Having known Katie-Britt for the past six years, I can always count on her to give just the right advice on wardrobe and styling.  As a member of our Miss America prep team for Miss North Carolina, Katie has shown a flair for finding just the right outfit to ensure Miss North Carolina steps out in style when making appearances in Las Vegas.  I have found Katie-Britt to be honest, professional, and hard working in each task I have given.  We look forward to a long relationship with her in our organization!

Beth Knox, Executive Director
Miss North Carolina Scholarship Pageant

Over the past six years, Katie- Britt Greenway has been my mentor, friend, and ROCK that I attribute the success I share today. She not only prepared me mentally, physically, and emotionally for the competitions but also taught me to have fun and be my authentic self.  Whether its vocals, paperwork, wardrobe, walk, or (my favorite) interview preparation, Katie-Britt will have you confident and ready for the crown. Katie-Britt Greenway and Pageant Performance will forever be a part of team Kirby!

Kirby Elizabeth Self
Miss South Carolina Teen USA 2018
1st Runner Up at Miss Teen USA 2018

I spent the time before I was crowned Miss NC as a full time college student… which left me with a head full of knowledge, but a wardrobe full of tee shirts! I was extremely grateful to have Katie-Britt as a member of my Miss America prep team, as she helped me refine my look so that I was ready for any event that came my way. Her eye for detail gave me that extra pizzazz at every appearance, and made a lasting impact on my personal sense of style beyond my job as a titleholder. Katie-Britt helped me strike the perfect balance between trendy and sophisticated for both the Miss America runway and the East Carolina hallway!

Arlie Honeycutt
Miss North Carolina 2012
Non-Finalist Talent Winner Miss America 2013

As the National Tour Manager of Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, I have the opportunity to travel with the current Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, and meet wonderful people all over the United States.  This summer Rachel Wyatt (MAOT 2013) and I came to the Miss North Carolina Pageant.  Meeting Katie-Britt was a highlight of all our summer tour.  She is the cutest, sweetest, little lady that I have ever seen.  I can only imagine how wonderful she is with all the contestants that she dedicates her time and talent to.  We love Katie-Britt!!  Thanks for hosting us.  Lots of Love.

Dianne Sarchet
MAOTeen National Tour Manager
Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, Inc.

I am so grateful I found out about Katie-Britt!!  Not only did she help me personalize and fine tune my talent, but she was also very helpful with my fitness routine!  Also, she stays in touch and is very caring and responsive.  Most importantly, she helped me bring out that extra confidence I needed right before competing!

Brooklyn Faye Garrett
Miss Clemson University 2017
Overall Miss South Carolina Teen Talent Winner 2013
First Runner Up at Miss South Carolina Teen 2013 (Miss America’s Outstanding Teen system)
2013 Miss Lake Keowee Teen

Pageant Performance and Katie-Britt have been preparing girls for the North Carolina Royalty State Pageant and it’s preliminaries for 5 years. She always goes above and beyond to make sure that all of her girls are prepared and ready for competition.  Katie has never missed a North Carolina Royalty State Pageant, she is there every year cheering her girls on and giving them that extra support that they need on competition day.  She has driven miles out of her way to come to my workshops where she has volunteered her time to coach girls who don’t normally come to her as a client.

Katie-Britt really cares about these girls and making sure that they have everything they need from just the right photogenic pictures, the perfect wardrobe, modeling and talent choreography.  I’ve known Katie-Britt since the days when she was competing and can highly recommend her to girls of all ages who are brand new to pageants or just need that extra polish to help them be successful.  If you have someone who needs a great coach,  who is more than a coach, she is a friend and a mentor, she is the person for you, Pageant Performance produces winners!

Michelle Ponder-Maney
Executive Director of North Carolina/SC/Southeastern USA National Miss
Former Owner of North Carolina Royalty

I cannot begin to express what a positive role-model Katie-Britt is for young ladies. She is a beautiful, intelligent, caring soul…but she’s also sharp as a tack! Not only is she a great source of motivation and positive energy, she is also highly knowledgeable when it comes to the latest in fashion/wardrobe/music selections and all things pageantry. K-B really gets to know your daughter, so that she is able to help you make choices that truly speak to the individuality of your daughter. As an extremely talented and trained vocalist herself, Katie-Britt has been a tremendous resource in helping to strengthen my daughter’s voice and improve her vocal performances. Her assistance in preparing for interviews goes far beyond preparation for a pageant, but helps to mold girls into knowledgeable, insightful and well spoken individuals. Katie-Britt “practices what she preaches” and I feel fortunate to have my daughter under her tutelage; to know her is to love her!

Lisa Starnes
Mother of Ava Starnes
Miss Queen City’s Outstanding Teen 2015

Katie-Britt has helped my daughter tremendously with her interview skills. Not only have her interview scores drastically improved, she is more confident and comfortable during the interview process. I would highly recommend Katie-Britt!

Laura Patterson
Mother of Lily Grace Patterson
USA National Miss Preteen

Katie’s dynamic and contagious personality as well as her extensive knowledge of best practices in preparation for a pageant makes her the best in the business! Throughout our experience in working with Katie, her attention to detail, impeccable advise when choosing wardrobe, and most importantly her encouragement and celebration of my daughter has made pageant preparation not just a process; but more importantly developing confidence and life skills in my child she will have forever.

Mychele Rhodes; Mother of Reagan Rhodes
2017 USA National Miss Princess
2018 USA Elegant Junior Miss 

My relationship with Katie-Britt Greenway has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. When I went into my first lesson, she immediately established a connection with me by uncovering my interests and what made me unique! While preparing for competition, she never tried to change anything about me as so many others in this business will. Instead, she helped me to embrace my true self and to present it with a level of confidence I was unable to find without her guidance. My work with her has gone far beyond pageantry. The skills I have learned during our lessons have impacted my academics, extracurriculars, and my drive. She helped me reach towards goals I always had but never thought possible to achieve. Katie-Britt’s dedication to and love for each and everyone of her students is immeasurable. When you become a KBgirl, you enter a family of your peers who will always support you. To anyone who is considering beginning lessons with Pageant Performance, I would recommend it without a doubt. Katie-Britt is a wonderful role model for any girl to have in her life and I know she has impacted mine in more ways than I could never imagine!

McKenzie Scott Cox
Miss Central Carolina Outstanding Teen 2019 – Top 5 at Miss NC Outstanding Teen 2019
Miss Mecklenburg County’s Outstanding Teen 2018
2x Preliminary Evening Gown and On-Stage Question Winner

My daughter began working with Katie-Britt Greenway two years ago to learn more about pageants. I immediately realized that much more was occurring than simply preparing for a pageant.  Katie-Britt took time to learn what was important to my child and why she wanted to compete. During lessons, I immediately noticed a boost in my daughter’s self-confidence. Katie-Britt has a bubbly, strong enthusiastic personality that really brought McKenzie to her own “A-Game”…which totally gained the respect and confidence my child needed. She pushed McKenzie to go outside of her comfort zone and try new things. Katie-Britt offered encouragement and positive reinforcement which goes a long way! McKenzie has learned to think deep into her answers before speaking confidently and to drive her interview into new areas of conversation. She can still be shy at times, but has grown so much in the past year by using techniques she has learned from Katie-Britt. We are extremely thankful for each one of our sessions because we always walk away learning something new. Katie-Britt is a fabulous mentor and I would recommend her to anyone of any age. She has a very professional company in Pageant Performance and has produced a lot of winning girls on and off stage. All of her girls come home winners, just alone from the knowledge they gained in their training from Katie-Britt. They may not have won the crown but, I know for my girl, she has won much more. Katie-Britt is a wonderful role model which has instilled in McKenzie to also be a role model to each young girl she meets.

Veronica McKinney-Cox; Mother of McKenzie Scott Cox

Simply put, Katie-Britt is truly magnificent.  She truly brings out the potential and personality of a person all while being 100% supportive.  Her bright personality, contagious laugh, and striking smile makes you feel so comfortable.  I feel more confident in who I am as a person since Katie-Britt has come into my life.  The pageant experience and expertise that she has is overwhelming.  She is so beyond supportive in every aspect and makes you feel loved and beautiful.  I can truly say that my life has changed for the better since KB has come into my life and has helped me on my journey in the pageant world and to become Miss Metrolina OT!

Carlie Griffin
Miss Metrolina’s Outstanding Teen 2019

Ms. Katie was very sweet and patient with my daughter. She is informative and helpful from beginning to end in her sessions about all you need to know on pageants, how to dress and act. I would definitely recommend her!

Nancy Gutierrez
Mother of Gabby Gutierrez

KB is both of my girls pageant “Fairy GodMother”! She has the magic touch & is really good at what she does. Thank you KB for being there every step and bringing out the best in them!

ThienVi Huynh
Mother of Jolie Nguyen
2011 SC NAM Princess Queen
2014 SC NAM Jr PreTeen Top 5 (4th RU)
2014 IJM SC Princess Queen
2014 IJM National Top 10 Princess
Mother of Jiada Nguyen
2016 SC NAM Princess Queen
2016 NAM National Princess 1st RU, National Talent Winner, National Actress Winner, National Casual Wear 2nd RU

Katie-Britt Greenway knows what she is doing!  My daughter has been with KB since she was 4. We knew instantly there was a bond and that has continued to this day. She is great with vocal as well.  When asked who her coach is we always say Katie-Britt. I never worry about Ava’s wardrobe, and how she will perform. Katie puts her heart into everything !!! We love her and would feel lost without her!

Whitney Mason-Pugliese
Mother of Ava Socarras

Miss Katie-Britt’s coaching has helped me immensely with pageant preparation, especially with interviewing skills.  She has been such a wonderful motivator and encourager as well.  I always look forward to our lesson times together and appreciate that she is always there to cheer me on either in person or via Facebook posts at every pageant!

Alex Quinn
2015 4th Runner Up Miss SC Teen USA
2014 Miss Jr. Teen America
2013 Young Miss South Carolina – Little Miss South Carolina System

Allie has been working with Katie for 2 years now. We adore Katie!! With Katie’s guidance, Allie has grown as not only contestant, but as a person as well!!! She truly cares for all her students and their families!!

Jamie Ingram
Mother of Allie Ingram
2017 USA National Miss Southern Shores PreTeen
2016 USA National Miss North Carolina Princess

I would love to say thank you to Katie-Britt Greenway!   You are simply amazing when it comes to pageantry and inspiring others.  My daughter has grown so much from her lessons with you.  Not only did Calista capture the title of Junior Miss Lumbee, but she is very confident as she represents her title this year.  Katie-Britt Greenway you have officially been adopted in the Lumbee family, with every lesson it was evident that you were very well prepared and knowledgeable about Lumbee culture.  Words cannot express how grateful we are that our paths crossed.  Much more than capturing the title/crown, you are teaching girls how to be confident, well spoken, and future leaders.

Kelly Deal
Mother of Junior Miss Lumbee 2014-2015

Katie-Britt is the wonderful lady that fueled my passion for pageantry! She evaluated my personal interests to gather information to find the perfect system for me to compete in! Once she found the pageant system for me she provided me with all the resources to begin my journey! I went on to win the Miss North Carolina International 2011 title, as well as placing top 10 at nationals! Thanks so much Katie-Britt for all your encouragement!   

Brittney Clark
Miss North Carolina International 2011
Top 10 Miss Internationals

Thank goodness we found Katie-Britt as my daughter wanted to do pageants, and this mom was clueless where to start!  Pageants stress me out, but having someone provide advice takes away quite a bit of that stress.  Within a year of visiting Katie-Britt, my daughter won Miss Majestic for Miss Cabarrus County

Ashley Reid
Mother of Allie Reid
2019 National American Miss North Carolina Junior Teen
2016 Majestic Miss Cabarrus County

Katie-Britt has been an essential resource for our pageant participation. Her knowledge on pageant details, general paperwork and other sources has been excellent. We have loved working with her and appreciate her expertise!!!

Catherine Lowry
Mother of Madison Lowry

Beauty, talent, grace, poise and class ….. these and many other adjectives can be used in describing this young lady.  It has been my privilege to have know Katie-Britt for several years, and with each passing year – my admiration for, and appreciation of her has grown.  She has an amazing way of bringing out the very best in her students – yet pushing them to achieve goals even they thought impossible.  This is due to her love for each of them as unique individuals with various personalities and talents.  She is wise beyond her young age — mastering the art of teaching by way of example.  She is an exceptional role model for her students — always perfectly groomed and well spoken — waiting stage side with praise, encouragement and support.  Lucky and blessed are the young ladies who call Katie-Britt “My Coach”.
….and lucky am I to call her “Friend”.

Carolyn B. Marley
State Director & Owner
Little Miss & Teen Miss North Carolina

I have known Katie-Britt Greenway for several years and have worked with her as a judge, performer, and a coach. I have been blessed as a Miss North Carolina Prelim Director to have her girls compete and hold titles for me! She is PHENOMENAL and her girls are always more than well prepared. She understands the and notices the tiniest of details and can polish a girl and young lady into winners! She is the epitome of class and style and have recommended her to many and will continue to reference her as what an awesome coach is all about! If you want your darling daughter to be coached by someone who knows what they are doing… and has your daughters best interest at heart… KB and Pageant Performance is the place to be!

Danyel Phelps
Former Director of Miss Shelby & Miss Shelby’s Outstanding Teen Pageant

When my daughter decided to begin competing in pageants, I knew she would need a coach.  Someone who is not her mother, giving her tips, supporting her when she is down, and cheering her when she excels.  Someone who brings out the best in a very shy and quiet girl.  Someone who helps cultivate her desire to make a difference.  Someone who adds finesse and showmanship to talent.  What we found was one person, Katie-Britt, who does all of that and MORE!  From wardrobe to photogenic’s to song selection to interview, any question is welcome and encouraged.  Sarah has blossomed from the shy and quiet girl to a much more confident and outspoken young lady.  In just one short year, she has gone from a pageant “participant” to one who has won overall and age level titles.  Sarah loves her time with Katie-Britt, and we can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Catherine Katz
Mother of Sarah Katz
2017 USA National Miss North Carolina Jr. Teen  & 2015 Overall Supreme Princess of Goldsboro

Katie-Britt is Catherine Mae’s interview coach and what a fantastic coach she is!  After just a couple of classes, I saw a big difference. By the time Catherine Mae’s pageant came – wow, she had confidence and poise, she knew exactly how to make a big impression on the judges, resulting in perfect interview scores, which brought the crown home for her!

Mot Davis
Grandmother of Catherine Mae Lilly
2014-2015 LMNC Junior Miss & 2015-2016 LMNC Ambassador

Katie-Britt is a GODSEND!!! Me and my daughter started out on this pageant journey 18 months ago and we were clueless!!! January 2013 we competed in a local preliminary pageant for the Princess of NC system and she placed 3rd in her division. My daughter went on to compete at the PONC state pageant where she again placed 3rd. She did not win but God knew what he was doing. It was that day that we were introduced to Katie and our lives has been forever changed!!! We started lessons right away and since then A’mari has been unstoppable! Not only has Katie taught my daughter how to wow the judges with grace, elegance, and little bit of sass, she’s also taught her how to be a young lady. January 2014 we competed in the same local prelim and she won her division. She went on to compete in the PONC state pageant last week and she was crowned 2014 Mini Supreme Princess of NC!!! Katie was there every step of the way from modeling, wardrobe, hair and makeup, and etc. During the day of the pageant she made sure she checked on each of her girls before they hit the stage which really meant a lot to not on me but to my daughter. Thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for my family this past year. We are so grateful for you. No matter where A’mari goes she will always be a KBGIRL!!!!  Love you!!!!

Munisha Adams
Mother of A’mari McMath
2014 Mini Supreme Princess of North Carolina & 2017 USA National Miss Southeastern Princess

We love working with Katie-Britt! She is energetic and upbeat and positive. She has great ideas and is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the pageant system. She is a great motivation for Mom and daughter!

Shelia Brown
Mother of Brantlee Brown

Pageant Performance is a must in pageantry!  Katie-Britt is so knowledgeable in all areas of pageantry from photogenic and attire consultation to modeling and true talent training. Her students are so poised, refined and the true epitome of pageant elegance. Many in our Royal Family are Pageant Performance girls! Keep up the great work!

Candy Rowland
Former Owner of Natural Elite Pageants

Katie-Britt Greenway is an example of the best that an independent vocal and pageant coach can offer. She is continually learning new approaches to teaching, exploring new repertoire, and expanding her teaching to fit the needs of her students. She has a true commitment to excellence, both for herself and for her students. Katie-Britt never settles for what she and her students have accomplished. Together they work toward challenges that help assure growing appreciation of the art of music and that of pageantry. She is a very expressive and dedicated teacher who leads by example, and truly inspires musicality and love of music to her students.”

Katie-Britt has been very keen in exposing the world of classical music to Taylor in a special way. Her teaching is very detailed, and hence helps the student achieve the best results from it. She has made an incredible impact on my daughter but has also been an excellent role model for her to mirror and is more than a teacher or coach, she is part of our family.  Katie-Britt is definitely the teacher, coach, mentor and friend we trust with high esteem.

Lisa Foley
Mother of Taylor Foley
Miss Queen City’s Outstanding Teen 2014
Miss Race City’s Outstanding Teen 2013
Miss Cabarrus County Outstanding Teen 2012

The first time I met Katie she was full of personality. Within a short time of working with her I could tell a difference with my confidence. She really began to break away my shell. She is an amazing role model and she has mold me into the best I can be.

Zoe Linville
2017 Southern Atlantic Jr. Teen USA National Miss
2016 NC Jr. Teen USA National Miss

My daughter, Mckenzie Williams, began working with Katie-Britt Greenway over a year ago to prepare for different upcoming pageants. She started training Mckenzie to build herself and her application in areas of community service, educational experiences, different talents, wardrobe, and modeling.  By reaching deep inside of Mckenzie to find her interest,  strong/weak assets and positive experiences all in which lead to more pathways to drive herself into interview questions in ways she never knew she could. Katie-Britt has a bubbly, strong, persistent, but enthusiastic personality that really brought Mckenzie to her own “A-Game”…which totally gained the respect and confidence my child needed. She pushed Mckenzie to go outside of her comfort zone and try new things.. Encouragement and positive reinforcement goes a long way! Mckenzie has learned to think deep into her answers before speaking confidently and to drive her interview into new areas of conversation. She can still be shy at times, but has grown so much in the past year by using techniques she has learned from Katie-Britt. We are extremely thankful for each one of our sessions  because we always walked away learning something new. Katie-Britt is a fabulous mentor and I would recommend her to anyone of any age. She has a very professional company in Pageant Performance and has produced a lot of winning girls on and off stage. All of her girls come home winners, just alone from the knowledge they gained in their training from Katie-Britt. They may not have won the crown but, I know for my girl, she has won much more. Katie-Britt is a wonderful role model which has instilled in Mckenzie to also be a role model to each young girl she meets.

Ginger Williams
Mother of Mckenzie Williams

My daughter’s accomplishments have soared since she has started seeing Katie-Britt, especially in talent and interview. She has helped to develop our daughter’s vocal talent beyond what I ever could have imagined. She now has a strong vocal range for her age with Katie-Britt’s continuous guidance and support. Katie-Britt not only helped our daughter become a singer, but she also helps her to stay focused on becoming the best person she can be, building character, determination, and confidence to handle any situation she encounters. I highly recommend Pageant Performance due to Katie-Britt’s emphasis on treating each of her students as individuals with the same expectations and with on-going love and support!  

Krista Saxman; Mother of Emily Saxman

About a year ago, my daughter and I were at the crossroads of making the decision to give up pageantry.  We met Katie-Britt during a pageant she was the emcee for and loved her energy and enthusiasm, so I decided to schedule Ashlyn a lesson to see what she thought about our future in pageants and see if we should continue or go down a different path.  She was amazing in just the first lesson with Ashlyn, she told us all the things we should change and matched us up with the right kind of pageants.  She worked on my daughters modeling, wardrobe, interview, photogenic pictures, and really worked on her confidence.  The difference in my daughter was amazing, she walks on the stage every time and looks confident and that’s due to all the training Katie-Britt provided her.  I’m so appreciative of how Katie-Britt has supported my daughter and I over the last year and she wouldn’t have won two state pageants and been able to compete on a national stage (Miss Pre-Teen United States) and place second without her guidance.  Thank you Katie-Britt for making such a huge difference in our lives!

Cacey Stoker
Mother of Ashlyn Stoker
2013 PreTeen North Carolina United States & 2nd Runner up at Miss PreTeen United States

Great interview skills, vocal instruction, total pageant consultation, are just a few of the wonderful options that Pageant Performance will offer to help your “princess” get prepared for her upcoming pageant. My daughter, Victoria, has been a client for over three years and we are VERY happy with her results. 2012 Majestic Miss Mecklenburg Co.,2013 Elite Miss State Alt. Grand Supreme, 2012 NC Royalty State Grand Supreme are just a few titles that Katie-Britt has helped her to prepare for. Thanks KB for your love and support. We are PROUD to be a KB Girl.  

Cindy Layton; Mother of Victoria Layton

My daughter has been with Katie-Britt for over 6 years now and we are beyond pleased!!!  She has a way with kids and her vocal teaching has taken my daughter to a whole new level.  When asked now who inspires her, it is always Katie-Britt!  

Linda Alden
Mother of Brandi Alden
2012 International Junior Miss PreTeen North Carolina & 4th Runner up at IJM Nationals, and IJM National Talent Winner
2012 North Carolina Miss American Co-Ed PreTeen & 4th Runner up at Miss American Co-Ed Nationals, and National Talent Winner
2013 North Carolina Cinderella Miss
2013 National American Miss North Carolina PreTeen  & Top 15 at NAM Nationals, 2nd Ru in Casual Wear Nationals, 3rd Ru National Spokes model

Ms. Katie-Britt has been such an inspiration to my daughter Jena-Deme’ Revels from day one.  Being new to pageants at the time we were completely reliant on her guidance and knowledge of pageantry.  It means a lot to me that Katie-Britt is so professional but at the same time she is very personable.  She took the time to get to know Jena-Deme’ and then started showing her ways to improve her skills.  She has always been honest with her advice and has always given us the option of taking it or adjusting it.  I admire her most because she has encouraged my daughter to broaden her faith and has even given her books to read to help her in developing an opinion about her faith.  She has helped tremendously in Jena-Deme’s development of independence and being able to speak vividly.  Katie-Britt has help Jena-Deme’ to be proud of who she is and how to carry herself.  In doing this she has been able to go on to capture several titles:  Pre-Teen Cities of America (National Title), Charlotte’s – Little Miss Perfect, Mini-Grand Supreme NC Starz and Glitz; Top Ten in Miss Jr. Teen United States, 2013, and Miss Jr. Teen North Carolina United States 2014.  Katie-Britt teaches her students about their responsibility to give back, be a role model, and act with class.  She is so much more than Jena-Deme’s pageant coach…. she is her mentor, her role model, our friend/family and her biggest fan!  I, without any hesitation, recommend Pageant Performance just because Katie-Britt is a great young woman that inspires not only my daughter but myself.   

Gina Revels
Mother of Jena-Deme Revels
2013 & 2014 Miss Junior Teen Miss North Carolina United States
Top 10 at 2013 & 2014 Miss Junior Teen United States

I really am so grateful to Pageant Performance! Thanks for all you have done for me. Next stop, Miss NC Teen USA!

Selena Price
Miss Raleigh-Durham Teen USA 2015

Katie-Britt is the best.  Her personality is warm and inviting.  She has helped Kianna-Rae learn to bring out her individual personality.  Katie-Britt knows the pageant system inside and out and helps these young girls evolve into outstanding young individuals.  Kianna-Rae could not speak in front of anyone other than family and close friends until we met Katie-Britt.  In Kianna-Rae’s first pageant, she took the roof off the auditorium with the answer to her on stage question during the beauty round.  Katie-Britt is a top notch coach.

Alicia Cummings
Mother of Kianna-Rae Cummings

I have known Katie-Britt Greenway since she was seven years old when she competed in my pageant which, was her very first pageant. She has grown up in pageants and is a shining example to girls in this area. 

Carolyne Kiser
StarzNGlitz National Director/ Designs by Carolyne

Having been a “tom-boy” growing up, I knew nothing about pageants when my daughter came to me and said she wanted to start competing. We found a small local pageant and she won a side title, which hooked her on pageantry. Through the last couple of years, we have been to several coaches, and she has gained a little from each one, but none of them excited her and pushed her the way Katie has. Katie is the real deal, and worth every penny! My daughter has only had two in studio sessions, and one face time session with Katie, and I can already see a huge improvement in her. From her stage presence, to interview and putting more thought and care into her platform. Katie is very knowledgeable, talented and determined. If you are on the fence about hiring Katie for your daughter’s coach, as a mother who only wants every child to succeed and grow, I say go for it! I promise, you will not be sorry!

January Sides Williamson
Mother of Ariel Sides-Williamson
Runway Model of the Year’s Actress 2015
Randolph County’s Junior Miss United States Agriculture 2016

I’ve been involved in pageants for many years as a volunteer, judge and parent and Katie-Britt is one of the best in pageant preparation. I’ve watched her students after working with her and they continually improve and are always well prepared for competition. She usually has many winners but more important is the fact that she is so supportive of all her students.

Elaine White
Miss Queen City/ Metrolina Committee Member

If you wanting to take home the crown, contact Katie-Britt! She is awesome, my daughter adores her! She is one of the sweetest person we have meet, you can not go wrong choosing her! She will definitely become more than just a coach she will become a lifetime friend! We love her! Thank you for believing in Kendall.  Kendall has learned so much, how to act and to overcome her shyness. You’re more than just a pageant coach, you’re like family and we love you so much. God Bless you sweet Katie!!!

Tamessa Rivers
Mother of Kendall Rivers
2013 North Carolina State Sunburst Queen & 1st Runner Up at Sunburst Internationals
2014 Miss Pageland USA Princess & 2015 PreTeen Chesterfield County United States; 2016 Miss PreTeen South Carolina United States

As another professional in the pageant industry, Hair and Makeup Artist and Pageant Clothing Designer, I highly recommend Katie-Britt Greenway. I am asked all the time where to go to learn how to model, interview, and talent preparation. I never hesitate to send them to Katie. She is enthusiastic and passionate about her work. The girls love her because she relates to them so well and builds their self esteem up so much that they feel like they can conquer the stage with confidence. Really you could add life preparation to her list of skills because the lessons that they learn goes on with them past their pageant career.

Amber Miller
National Hair/Makeup Artist/Clothing Designer

All I can say is AMAZING!!!  Over the past year, Katie-Britt has completely transformed my daughter.    KB taught her how to bring out the best of what she already had inside.   To me, there’s the time period before KB, where Kyla may have won pageants, but she NEVER won interview in her age group.   Then, there’s the time period after KB, where Kyla has pulled overalls every time and has won many overall interview awards with perfect scores.   The comments from the judges mean more than the scores and the judges cannot say enough how impressed they with are with how well Kyla can communicate for her age.  Her confidence, her preparation, her ability to talk to perfect strangers is all thanks to Katie-Britt.
Katie-Britt has been the difference.  In addition to interview, she helps with wardrobe, modeling, and keeping mommy sane.  She is not just a pageant coach. She’s our friend, our cheerleader, and our rock!! KB Girl for LIFE!!

Adrenna Jarrett
Mother of Kyla Jarrett
2015 Junior Miss Lumbee
Greater Foothills Royalty – Ultimate Regal (Overall Interview, Overall Talent, Overall Casual Wear)
Greater Sampson County Outstanding Little Miss – Majestic (Overall Interview, Overall Talent)
Princess of Cabarrus County – Overall Supreme (Overall Interview)

Katie-Britt is one of the most delightful women I have had the pleasure of getting to know in pageantry! She is a very ethical, committed individual whose love of pageantry is demonstrated in her long list of personal successes in some of the industry’s most recognized systems, winning highly respected and competitive state and national titles. Her knowledge and devotion to her students makes her one of the best coaches I know. In a nutshell, I adore Katie-Britt!

Debra Gilmour
2009 Beauties of America 50s
2008 Mrs. Oregon International
1988 Mrs. Oregon America

One word sums up Katie-Britt…. CLASS.  From my very first meeting with her to discuss the potential of her working with my daughter, Taylor, I have been treated with professionalism, courtesy and honesty.  Her dedication to ensuring Taylor is prepared for all facets of the pageants she attends is beyond my expectations.  Katie-Britt is open with her views and gives the candid feedback that helps my daughter grow and learn.  She has given her unwavering encouragement to aim high and it has worked.  Taylor has won state and national titles under Katie-Britt’s direction.  More importantly, Katie-Britt has taught Taylor about her responsibility to give back, be a role model, and act with class.  She is way more than Taylor’s pageant coach…. she is her mentor, her role model, and her biggest fan!

Joy Tarquin; Mother of Taylor Tarquin

Miss Katie-Britt,
Thank you so much for all that you have done for me!  You have always made sure I was completely prepared to go into interview and on stage.  You have given me the confidence to know I can compete at any level, but have taught me it is about being a lady and representing my title too.  You are always there for me both at pageants and any other time I need you.  Thank you to Nandy for making sure all my clothes were the best of the best and fit me perfectly.  I love you all so much.  Proud to say I am a KBG girl!

Taylor Tarquin
2010 NC Cinderella Mini Miss,
2011 International Cinderella Mini Miss Beauty
2011 NC Preteen Mini Miss
2012 PreTeen Miss United States

When my daughter and I met Katie-Britt we knew immediately that she was exactly what we wanted in a pageant trainer!  She knew all of the pageant systems, from natural to glitz, and helped us prepare for all phases of competition.  She helped my daughter develop into an amazingly talented singer, she taught her to model and prepared her for any question an interviewer could ever think to ask of her.  She also helped select the appropriate wardrobe for the specific pageant and selected songs for her to sing that were just perfect for her voice and are also age appropriate!!!  Thanks to Katie-Britt, my daughter is now a State title holder!!! 

Jodi Suskind
Mother of Kayci Suskind
2012 North Carolina Cinderella Mini Miss

We used Katie-Britt when my daughter was preparing for a large International pageant. She helped us prepare all the way from wardrobe to interview. When it was time to hit the stage my daughter was ready. She is a very professional coach with a ton of experience in pageants. On weekends, she uses her time to go cheer on her girls in their pageants. We would recommend Katie-Britt 100 percent. 

Nicole Compton
Mother of Cadence “Cady” Compton
2012 South Carolina Cinderella Tot

My daughter Macey began her vocal training and coaching from Katie-Britt when she was 5 years old.   These first two years, I have watched Macey, now 7, change from a child with musical inclinations to a young lady with a portfolio of skilled vocal performances.   The impact she has had on our daughter has been profound and extends beyond just the musical training.   Katie-Britt teaches, leads and instructs by example…And I maintain Katie-Britt is an excellent choice for anyone’s daughter to emulate as a musician and otherwise.  

John & Stefanie Timmerman
Parents of Macey Timmerman  

Pageant Performance is a full-service pageant consulting business that one of a kind! KB is our secret weapon to my daughter’s personal successes in pageantry.  She has assisted my young daughter in channeling her energy in a classy and elegant manner and guided her in realizing her potential to be GREAT just being herself!

Penny Green
Mother of Natalie Suggs

Our journey began almost 2 years ago when I was blessed to of met our Pageant Fairy Godmother, as I call her, Miss Katie-Britt.  My daughter was fresh to pageants and needed that special touch to help her with her journey in becoming what I knew she could become.  Cadence “KK”, has grown leaps and bounds in these two years and we owe it all to Miss Katie-Britt!  She treats my daughter as her own and pushes her to her best.  When we have an off day she pushes us forward saying “on to the next” and doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear but critiques with a positive delivery.  Her attention to detail is spot on and her professionalism and candidness is refreshing.  Not only am I proud for her to be a role model for my daughter but I am glad to call her my friend!!!

Amber Catalano
Mother of Cadence “KK” Catalano

Katie-Britt has increased my daughter Grayson’s self-confidence and performance in pageantry in so many ways. She has helped with wardrobe and song choices, interview and modeling. She is knowledgeable regarding all the different pageant systems. Looking back, we were wasting time and money by entering pageants without the benefit of having Katie-Britt as a pageant coach

DeLane Huneycutt
Mother of Grayson Huneycutt

When we first visited Katie-Britt the first words out of my mouth were, Ciaran doesn’t have a talent.  Five minutes later she said, yes she does she can sing and she sings well.  I was proven wrong because she has won 3 talent awards since her first visit and gained confidence from her time with KB.  She said “She’s more like a pageant mentor and not a coach.

Karen Sligh
South Carolina Cinderella State Director

I just can’t say enough wonderful things about Katie-Britt.  We had done one pageant prior to working with KB.  It did not turn out well.  After a few lessons with KB, my daughter was winning Supreme titles at every pageant she entered.  She helped us with stage presence, wardrobe, photography choices, and voice lessons.  Not only did she train my daughter, she gave me insights to all the different systems and what to expect at each one.  We would never gotten where we are now without her guidance, love, and friendship.  

Amy Waller
Mother of Reagan Waller

How do Ava and I begin to thank Katie-Britt for everything she has done.  Ava started with Katie-Britt as a very young 4-year old, and has blossomed into a beautiful 5-year old beauty queen. Katie is a class act, confident in what she does and truly cares about “her girls”. 

Whitney Mason
Mother of Ava K. Socarras

We have only been working with Katie-Britt for 4 months but my daughter has improved so much!  Her interview skills are amazing especially for a 6 year old and she has come such a long way in modeling and her talent.  Katie-Britt assists with all aspects of pageants including choosing the best clothing to compliment each contestant.  Katie-Britt’s experience, energy and attention to detail is amazing.  We are so glad we have found her!

Penny Kipper
Mother of Heidi Kipper

We feel so blessed to have Katie-Britt Greenway as our daughter’s pageant coach.  Not only is she a great role model for her students, she genuinely cares for them.  She knows all pageant systems inside and out and is a great go to person for pageant wardrobe advice.  Pageant Performance is a one stop shop for all that you need to be a winning pageant girl. 

Jeff, Amy and Madison Dunn of Elon, NC

Hannah has grown so much in her self confidence.  With Katie-Britt’s assistance in vocal and interview skills, she has became a beautiful, well rounded young women.  We love Katie-Britt, and think she is well worth the hour and half drive. 

Rhonda Shaw
Mother of Hannah Shaw

We were in search of help to improve my daughter’s interview scores.  When I inquired with several pageant directors about a coach, they all referred me to Katie-Britt Greenway. She has helped Kassie improve her interview, but most importantly her overall confidence. She has also helped me with wardrobe selections and suggestions!  Thanks to Katie-Britt’s coaching, Kassie has won numerous over all awards and three crowns!

Allison Styles
Mother of Kassie & Piper Styles

Being a part of Pageant Performance is like family. We compete as one but work as a team. My daughter has always been encouraged by Ms. Katie-Britt and all of the KBGirls, to do her best in everything she does from pageants, dance and school. Ms. Katie instills respect for others, taught her to be gracious winner and loser, and to always be true to herself. KBGirls are…. Individually unique. Together complete. 

Sheri Martin
Mother of Reese Martin

Thank you Ms Katie-Britt for helping Lara so much in preparing for competitions.  Not only does she support her on stage, but off stage too.  Her kindness has helped Lara get her confidence back. Lara is so prepared when she walks in to any situation to speak, not just pageants. We are blessed to have Katie-Britt, and Nandy, as teachers and friends.  

Donna Mullis
Mother of Lara Mullis – Mini Miss North Carolina State Teen Queen 2013